From Terry

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From Terry

Thank you to everyone who has supported Reaching Hands Ministry this year through
prayers, financial support and donations of many different items. Our outreach ministry
continues to grow and serve our Lord in many ways. This has been a wonderful year as we
stand in awe of how God is using Reaching Hands Ministry. Two trips to Kenya this year has
brought the ministry in contact with many people who are interested in helping Reaching
Hands. Only God could have caused our paths cross.
On our trips this year we set up a large library at Soy, Kenya and a smaller one at Bondo.
We assisted four schools with much needed textbooks, visited other schools, learned some of
the ins and out’s of shipping to Kenya and made a friend in the process. We taught The Word
in two churches, speaking to women from five different congregations, visited homes of
widowed and HIV/AIDS victims, visited three clinics and gathered information on different
areas as we try to decide if and where to place a new clinic. Herb seed was provided to a
group of 25 widows, as we taught them how to grow and process the plants. Walking through
fields where those herbs will be planted, we shared the hope of a harvest providing an income.
While we sat on the banks of a river, listening to the account of the witchdoctor who put a
curse on the crocodiles in this section of the river so they wouldn’t eat people, we were thankful
that the boa constrictor, that lived in the bush next to us, hadn’t discovered we were in his
We visited homes of new friends and old, shared news of the past year, of dear sisters
expecting babies, and dreaming about the future and where God could take us, while preparing
for the next day that would come all too early. (Lynette estimated that she had approximately
30 hrs. of sleep in our 10 day visit)
We rode on city busses, country busses, matatu’s, taxi’s, motor bikes, and bicycles. We
enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation of Kenya, ate fish at Lake Victoria, splashed in her cool
water and bumped along on a motor bike while sitting on a pile of Nile Perch. Through all the
laughter, joys and sorrows of our trips the Lord laid on our hearts the numerous physical and
spiritual needs of the Kenyan people. Please continue to pray for us that we will

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Easy to understand,I like it!

January 29th, 2013 at 5:39 pm

i am 24years and have the call of God upon me.I need support becsuae many are those who are parishing and losing and the word of God must be preached to them.Right now i am in bible school second year and i need so please help me!. God richly bless you!

April 8th, 2013 at 2:36 am

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