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Reaching Hands Ministry is a 501c3 non-profit or- ganization and we operate totally by donations. No one at Reaching Hands Ministry receives a pay- check. We are all volunteers. 100% of your donation goes to help the people of Kenya.
God is providing you with an opportunity to serve Him by helping the people of Kenya.
Prayerfully consider answering His call.


~donating your time as a
volunteer. Plan to go
with us to Kenya and
serve the Kenyan people first hand. There are many opportunities to make a difference in Kenya.
Please talk to us about upcoming trips and
volunteer opportunities.
~ donating a money gift to keep our clinic well
supplied. We need to purchase supplies year round in Kenya in order to meet healthcare needs. Please consider
a onetime or monthly gift toward purchasing supplies.
~donating the shipping cost for two libraries.
We are planning to ship medical equipment and supplies to Kenya this coming June. We still need a few items. Please prayerfully consider if God is calling you to meet this need.
Items needed:
Portable Lab Incubator $700.00
Kerosene Refrigerator $400.00 (will buy in Kenya) Generator $600.00 (will buy in Kenya)
Solar Power System $1,000.00 (will buy in Kenya)


It has always been first priority of Reaching Hands Ministry to share the Word of God. We want to thank everyone that has donated toward buying bibles to place in school libraries. Libraries will receive both English and Swahili bibles. Students at the schools will also receive New Testaments. Thank you for joining in the effort of spreading God’s Word throughout Kenya and preparing souls for the Kingdom of Heaven. If you would like to donate toward placing bibles in Kenya, please contact us.


When the daily income for a family is $1.00 a day or less, families find it hard to pay school fees for only one child in their family to attend school. Only a small percentage of the children that start first grade will be able to finish elementary school because their families are unable to pay school fees.
When families are unable to pay school fees, their children have to leave the school, teachers are not paid and so they leave to find other work and the school is forced to close. Many times this is the only facility in the area and so the children are no longer able to attend school. Reaching Hands Ministries is asking you to help Jacrose Pre- paratory School to eliminate the need for school fees by sponsoring their classrooms.
When you sponsor a classroom for $30.00 a month you are provid- ing a teacher with an income and teaching materials for all the children in their classroom. You will be providing an opportunity for children, unable to pay school fees, to attend school.
Reaching Hands Ministries believes that every child should have the opportunity for an education no matter their income level. Your $30.00 a month will not help just one child. You will be helping to provide an education to a classroom of children. Please consider providing an education for the children at Jacrose Preparatory School by sponsoring a classroom..

To “Sponsor A Classroom“
Reaching Hands Ministry
[email protected]
Reaching Hands Ministry is a 501c3
Nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible


We want to thank everyone who donated school supplies for schools in Kenya.
Paper and pencils for lessons are things our children take for granted. Imagine your child going to school and not having paper or a pencil for their lessons. That is normal for the stu- dents in most schools in Kenya.
We also received art supplies and teaching helps such as crayons, colored paper, flash cards and posters.
We have sorted and boxed over 400 pounds of supplies. This will really make a difference for many children.
We will continue to collect school supplies. So if your Sun- day School class or if your family would like a project to help you in reaching out to the children in
Kenya, this could be the project you’ve been looking for. Back to School Sales in the fall are a great time to buy school supplies for Kenya.

Send donation of supplies (we will buy tablets in Kenya) or money to buy supplies to:

Reaching Hands Ministry 7680 CR Z
Quinter, KS 67752


Reaching Hands Ministry would like to thank the many schools, school libraries, public libraries, churches and
individuals, including the Countryman family, for donating books to our “Libraries For Kenya” project.
Monica and her children arrived at our home with a car loaded with books to send to Kenya. Monica is a teacher at Wheatland High School in northwestern Kansas.
The National Honor Society at Wheatland High School held a class competition to see which class could collect the most books for the children of Kenya. The Sophomore class won! We want to thank all the students that participated.

We are thankful for a donation of two tons (that’s right, two tons!) of fabric to Reaching
Hands Ministry. We have several ladies using the fabric to make baby comforters, receiving blankets, diapers, burp clothes, diaper bags, exam gowns and sheets for Adonai Medical Clinic.
It is our hope to provide new mother’s with a diaper bag of new items for their babies. Mothers are the same the world over. They love their babies and enjoy wrapping them in a warm, beautiful new blanket and putting a soft, dry diaper and cute sleeper or outfit on them.